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About Me

In the summer of 1996 I was working for FedEx.  I would wake up every morning at 4:30am and ride my bike (I didn't have a car) 15 miles to the warehouse where I would unload small apartment-sized crates for about 3 hours.  I made about $175 dollars a week, which wasn't really enough to pay for the small apartment that I was living in.  One day, while riding home from FedEx, I passed through Leimert Park and a production crew was filming the opening credit sequence for the show Moesha.  I just happened to know one of the Production Assistants on the crew who told me I should submit my resume for a PA job since one of the current PAs was going to be returning to college after the summer.  A week later, I was sitting in front of the line producer for the show.  He explained that the job required picking up lunch for the writers, delivering scripts, and pretty much doing anything that needed to be done.  He asked if I had a car.  I told him "YES."  (I had caught the bus to the interview).  "Great" he said. "Nice to meet you.  We'll be in touch."  I walked off the studio lot and hoped nobody saw me standing at the bus stop. By the time I arrived home, the red light on my answering machine was blinking.  I had a message.  It was the producer saying I HAD THE JOB.  I was immediately filled with both excitement and FEAR...  I didn't have a car.  I scrambled, calling everybody I could think of asking to borrow their car. It was looking hopeless... until I made one last call that would change my life.  My best friend's uncle, Duane Thalley, was always like a mentor to me, so I called him up to explain the situation I was in. He responded by saying that he had a 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport Coupe sitting in his driveway on four flat tires.  He said it ran great and if I could get some new tires, I COULD HAVE IT! The next day, I drove onto the Sunset Gower lot ready for work on Moesha. My first assignment? To pick up legendary comedian Bernie Mac from the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood.  That was my first day in "The Business."  20 years later, I'm still here... Writing, Producing and Directing.

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